Residential Exterior

At Red Bull Painting we take pride in providing expert exterior painting services at a competitive price. This all begins with our first contact when we take the time to walk around your home and discuss exactly what your needs are. This allows you to take full advantage of our years of experience as we advise on  your best path to a spectacular paint job.

Our quotes and contract clearly define and explain the proposed job. We prep and paint windows, doors, storms, porches, balconies, houses, decks, stone, stucco, brick, block, lap, shake, cedar, pine, aluminum, vinyl, Masonite and Hardiplank.

Here are a few of the items you can count on when you hire Red Bull Painting to complete with your exterior job:

Prep Work

Power wash and clean entire project

Scrape loose and failing paint to start process with a smooth surface

Prime all bare wood to seal surface and provide proper surface for paint.

Prevent all water damage by caulking all cracks doors and windows. This not only prevents additional water damage but creates the best possible appearance.

Cover all areas with drops, tape, plastic protecting areas that don’t need painting.

Remove shutters and storms, Repair and set up for painting per contract specifications.


Analyze home and weather for proper conditions. To avoid major issues house moisture content must be measured to assure home is within acceptable parameters for painting. In addition, the days weather must be analyzed to assure paint will have adequate time to set up and cure.  Red Bull Painting has all equipment and training to measure and assure conditions are acceptable.

Spray, roll or brush on paint based on preference of customer.

Our crews perform daily job-site cleanup and removal of waste. We complete daily inspections and crew leaders are available any time to discuss progress of job. We maintain an open line of communication throughout the entire job.

Final Walk through

Once we have completed the job our project manager will contact you and schedule a time ,at your convenience, to complete a final walk through. With this step we assure your satisfaction. Payment is then collected as the last step in the process.